The Breakthrough Academy Coach Training


with Korynn Elliott

Hey, big-hearted babe.

> Are you passionate about helping others?
> Do you think about how to really make a difference in the world?
> Are you longing for a career that you actually LOVE showing up for each day?
> Do you want to tap into your unique gifts, talents, knowledge and life experiences to do meaningful work that helps others? 
> Do you desire to live and LOVE your own life...on your own terms?

If so, Then you're in the right place.


> Having a big breakthrough in your life - you finally know what's possible for you (anything you desire) and you're ready to take on the world.
> Waking up each day (at a time that works for YOU) and having time for yourself or your family before working with some amazing clients from all over the world.
>  Being confident in your skills and your ability to help people transform their health, their relationships, their LIVES, and to reach their goals.
> Feeling happy and fulfilled by the work that you do.
> Having the means to enjoy a high quality of life, spend time with friends and family, and travel (and work from around the world if you want to).

Welcome to your #newnormal


Hey, I get it...

You might be wondering if this is all possible.

Not that long ago, I was a young professional with what seemed like a perfect life to everyone else.

I was your typical 9-5er with a lot of education (and even more student loans), PTO time for taking trips abroad, and an apartment for myself and my daughter in the most desired neighborhood in the city.

But I was so stressed out that I spent most mornings taking deep breaths before crossing through the threshold of my office building. Not to mention that I found myself cringing over the water cooler gossip quite often (yep, that's actually a thing).

I spent weekends regenerating, just to go back on Monday and do it all over again. I lived for the weekends, the days where I didn't have to spend time commuting, and the occasional yoga class. I saved up every single PTO hour I could to get out of town and enjoy life.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Here I was, a well-educated woman with a big heart who had settled for untapped potential, mediocrity and feeling like "this was how it was supposed to be".

I finally took a look at my life and decided that I wasn't meant for that. I was meant to really make a difference in the world and to live a life that I loved, unapologetically.

With this came the decision to get involved in coaching and to move to my dream spot (Hawaii) and really do life on my terms. So I took the leap! And now I get to work with women who I love working with, changing lives and helping people become more happy, healthy, fulfilled and free.


This is so possible for you TOo

After 10 years of teaching, coaching and learning from many of the best mentors and educators in the world - from academia to personal development and business, to ancient spiritual practices - I've discovered what works and what doesn't.
So I created this program just for lovely ladies like yourself, giving you ONLY what you need (and nothing that you don't need) to transform your life and to become a coach with unmatchable skills that will empower you to transform the lives of others

In The Breakthrough Academy Coach Training you'll:


The first step is to BREAKTHROUGH

A breakthrough is a moment in time when the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

In The Breakthrough Academy you will breakthrough and gain massive momentum toward achieving your goals for the life that you desire and really make a difference in the world.

Claim your true desires. Learn life mastery skills. Believe in yourself and establish the foundation to really create your dream life and start your successful coaching practice.


Coaching Mastery

The second step is to use the momentum of your breakthrough, combined with the variety of coaching skills (from several different disciplines) that you will learn in this program, to uncover and develop your own unique strengths, skills, and experiences to create a coaching practice that feels good to you and creates real transformation in people's lives.

Gain real world coaching experience and become an expert with integrity.



Discover who your target market is and who you feel the best serving.

Learn how to explain what you do in a way that is compelling and easy to understand.

Design unique coaching packages and programs that attract potential and paying clients.

Start coaching and get on track to meet or exceed your current salary.



One of the best parts of The Breakthrough Academy is that you will become a life-long member of a high-vibe, supportive group of women

AND recieve 1-on-1, personalized support from Korynn so that you're never going it alone.

The Breakthrough Academy is for...

- Women who want to experience transformation in their own lives and are motivated to help others do the same.

- Heart-centered women who know they were meant to do big things, help people and to make a big impact in the world.

- Women who want to use their skills to help other people and create a freedom-based lifestyle (and perhaps travel the world while they're at it).


This could be:

- Corporate women who are kind of over their J.O.B.'s and are looking to do something more meaningful.

- Modern mamas who are ready to get back out and working again but really want to make a difference and still have time for their families.

- Ladies who've overcome their own struggles and, as a result, want to help others overcome theirs too.

- Wellness practitioners, yoga teachers, healers, massage therapists, or mentors - people who basically do coaching all of the time anyway but want to learn how to do it better and be well paid for it.

- Entrepreneurs who want to add heart-centered coaching skills to their repertoire. 


Are You Right For The Breakthrough Academy?

This program is only open to a small group of women in order to keep the conversation as productive and personalized as possible and for you to get the most support and access to me. If you're ready to grab one of these limited spaces...


What's Included in this 6 month program?

> An intimate, online mastermind-style community of women who are working alongside you and are there to support you along the way.

> Bi-weekly Modules, full of lessons, videos, audios and worksheets

> 3 live group Q&A calls each month where you will receive an allotted time to be coached by Korynn and to celebrate your wins for the week. (This will also be a great opportunity for you to learn from watching me coach your peers)

> Coaching skills trainings that include coaching methods and modalities from various forms of psychology, sciences and spiritual practices that have been used historically throughout the world. It is here that you will learn how to be present and hold a safe space for clients, ask the right questions and learn how to facilitate true transformation. 

> Mindset Mastery, Personal Development + Wealth Consciousness trainings to identify your truest desires, upgrade your standards around money, and set healthy boundaries in your life and coaching practice.

> A coaching practicum where you will gain real world coaching experience, uplevel your confidence, and get paid for your coaching

> Business skills trainings for you to begin marketing, selling and filling your coaching practice with ideal clients

> Guest experts trainings and LIVE Q&A Sessions (see below for list of guest experts) to give you perspectives on the several different types of coaching

Plus a Special opportunity that is unheard of in most group programs...

> 4 one-on-one Skype sessions with Korynn where you will receive individual support to work on your mindset, your coaching plan or your business (can be used anytime through the course of the program)  

 Korynn Elliott, Creator of The Breakthrough Academy

Korynn Elliott, Creator of The Breakthrough Academy


Are You Ready for The Breakthrough Academy?

This is the only chance you'll have to sign up for this 6 month program in 2016. 

If you're ready to become a coach now, end your 2016 on a high note and start your 2017 with momentum, grab one of these limited spaces...


Tuition for The Breakthrough Academy is $3000

(payment plans available for a limited time only)

The world is waiting for you! don't wait to love your life + Change Lives. Start transforming lives now, beginning with your own.