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Leverage Your Feminine Superpowers (your body, your intuition + your spirituality) to Manifest Everything You Desire!



Where you'll be when you work with me in this Mentorship:

+ You'll FEEL good in your body - and the better you feel, the more you allow. And the more you allow the more you receive - fact.

+ You'll stop pushing to get what you want in life, career and love - the way the guys do things doesn't work for us. Let's start doing things our way (efficiently) as women to get the results we want in our lives.

+ Your relationships will be blissful - intimate, friendship, family + work.

+ More money - like next level money that only your feminine magic can get you.

+ More power - not the crazy kind but the kind that makes you feel so supported that you feel like the goddess that you are.

+ More tapped into your intuition - giving you WAY more creative energy + manifestation (without the pushing, pushing, pushing).

+ And you'll feel more in-tune with your innate feminine wisdom, and in love with your female body - and so will your partner.

+ More magnetism, more allowing, more receiving - ALL the good kinds...at the perfect time.


You'll feel radiant, confident, unshakeable, free, feminine, fulfilled...and you will have the ability to manifest absolutely anything you desire, finally!


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$3500 total


Special Payment Plan

(8 bi-weekly payments of $465. Special expires 12/31)

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You'll get:

  • 12 private Zoom sessions (45-50 minutes in length)

  • Unlimited email support (M-F)

  • Access to my 6 week group program (6 live group calls, 3 months of group support, other women to co-create with)

  • Badass Bonuses




You will...

  • Learn to LOVE your female body.

  • Clear any physical and emotional blocks that are keeping you from tapping into your power source.

  • Experience the well-being, joy, energy and power that you’re meant for, as the powerful manifesting maven that you really are.

  • Heal your wounded masculine and feminine energies so you can fully step into your super-powerful, passionate, and radiant feminine energy.

  • Align with the powerful energy of your menstrual cycle (and raise your vibrational frequency to match what you desire) so you can naturally co-create with the Universe and easily receive exactly what you desire.



ZEN FEMME™ / Zen Femme by Korynn Elliott

Hey beautiful, I'm Korynn.

I'm so glad you're here! Just so you know, a few years ago I would've never guessed that getting in-tune with my body, with nature and with the energy of my moon cycle would have ANYTHING to do with manifesting what I wanted in life. But when I discovered this, I got really curious. As it turned out, I was totally up for the journey...and it was so worth it!


I went from feeling utterly depressed, without the urge to eat, PMS, acne, fatigue, and brain fog galore (and even a few doctors suggesting that I take the pill or hormone replacement to 'fix' them!) to:


+ Manifesting $15k in savings (in just 2 months) so I could leave my 9-5 job and move my daughter and I to Hawaii to teach and do research. (AND, by some miracle, I manifested my dream house, with expansive ocean views, only 1/2 block away from the beach, and with a hiking trail right behind it, just like I'd envisioned!)


+ 4 months later, manifesting a month in my favorite place in the world - New Zealand!


+ A year later, manifesting a full scholarship to my PhD program.


+ A year after that, manifesting a husband who loves both me and my daughter more than anything.


+ And after that, manifesting the ability to leave the restricting world of academia behind to play full-out in my business, grow my Zen Femme brand, and work with the most amazing women as clients and colleagues!




And when you work with me, there's no doubt that you can do the same!

Here's what one of my clients has to say about it...

I feel like anything is possible now and I’m so grateful! By healing and clearing my blocks and resistances, I manifested an extra $10,500 and I found a second source of income that allows me to work with people I love. I even brought the love and adventure back into my marriage! Thank you, Korynn.
— Patty S., Personal Stylist
ZEN FEMME | It's Your Time

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(8 bi-weekly payments of $465. Special expires 12/31)

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