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The Zen Femme - In Her Element:


A 6 month feminine empowerment + healing mentorship where we'll work closely together to get you more aligned (body, business + soul) and "Leverage Your Lady Elements" to become a soulfully successful, source-like goddess - the woman who creates and attracts what she wants on her own terms, and who embodies it all in a way that makes her feel damn good. 

This is where you're in your element.



I can only guess what brought you here, my love...

...but if you're anything like me - and most of the women who are drawn to my work - it's because you've been pushing yourself through this ideal, polished life...

But are you happy?

Are you even asking yourself if you're happy? (Or is the answer to that question too hard to face?)

The only speed you're familiar with is quickly.

You're a do-er (aka you get it done).

You've made the money.

You've got all the accolades and the accomplishments.

You got all the shopping and traveling done that you worked your cute butt off for. But you still feel like shit...

What's that about, sister?


Your bank account may be full...but is your heart?

You've stayed in careers, relationships or places for far too long, even when you've longed for a change, so that's not filling you up.

You've said YES when what you really meant was NO, but that's not gonna bring you to wholeness.

You know you have a deeper and higher purpose here. It's time to start fulfilling it. 

You know that it's time to start speaking up for yourself and sharing your truth authentically.



Remember what got you here in the first place... 


Does any of this sound like you?

+ You've been in your masculine for too long. You've been working hard.

+ You've been shaming yourself or you've been feeling meek

+ You've been passive aggressive and feeling resentful toward yourself (or your partner)

+ Your sex life is lame AF or even non-existent

+ You're on edge and feeling like the shoe could drop at any moment

+ You're lacking clarity or confidence

+ You're controlling, nit-picking, and feeling detached

+ You've got a lack mentality and you're not valuing yourself and you're questioning whether you're even making a difference  


(P.S. Did you actually get that life coach certification so that you could become a business coach and talk about online marketing and systems?

How many times have you told yourself time and time again that you've "found your passion" in {insert soul-draining job description here} when, really, inside you're dying for some SOUL-CENTERED work that makes you FEEL good?)


There's a mismatch between your feminine frequency and what you really need, desire, or believe you can have.



Maybe you don't know what you're meant to be doing to get to the other side of these revelations, but what you DO know is that you can't keep going on the way you have been...



And while you're figuring that out, LIFE is waiting for you.

LIFE wants you to LIVE it. LIFE wants you to be inspired, high-vibin', loving, learning, feeling PLEASURE...being in YOUR element.

ZEN FEMME™ / Zen Femme by Korynn Elliott

Hey beautiful, I'm Korynn.

Your empowerment mentor, energy healer and soul coach.

I'm here to help you uncover the truth about who you really are (magnificent), help you heal, tap into your innate feminine wisdom and magnetism, and to empower you to take control of the pleasure in your life, and in your life's work, again...and to get you back in your element.



I work with strong, passionate, soulful, visionary women like YOU - who've somehow taken a detour into the land of 'entrepreneurial status quo' living.

You've been driving with your foot on the gas, trying to go full speed ahead in the wrong direction. 

Your emergency brake (your intuition) came on at some point, signaling for you to slow down and change direction before you got too far. But you dragged on.

And maybe because of your resistance and your persistence to keep going (because you told yourself that you had no other option) you've even lost control and crashed.

 This isn't just a dragging, nagging feeling anymore. The Universe has sent you a clear signal, telling you that it's no longer an option to keep going at this pace. And you've finally heard it.





I'm here to take you by the hand and lead you across the threshold into the land of pleasure, flow and fulfillment. The place where you'll get the courage to quit, the lessons to move your life forward, the sensual gifts, and the energetic medicine. This is the place where YOU will return to your wholeness.

The place where YOU have the power to leverage your innate, womanly wisdom and magnetism. To embody your #coolcalm #fiercefiery nature, to transform your life and manifest your wildest dreams - for real.




In Her Element.

6 months. You and Me, 1:1.


This is where you'll get in your feminine flow. Where you'll come face to face with your shadows so that you can reveal the light - the flame - that burns within you, to manifest the success in your life that feels damn good.



Where you'll be when you awaken your feminine and leverage your lady elements:

+ You'll have better relationships - intimate, friendship, family + work

+ More money - like next level money that only your feminine magic can get you

+ More power - not the crazy kind but the kind that makes you feel so supported that you feel like the goddess that you are

+ More tapped into your intuition - giving you more creative energy + manifestation (without the push)

+ And you'll feel more in-tune with, and in love with, your body - and so will your partner

+ More magnetism - the good kind...at the perfect time


You'll feel radiant, confident, unshakeable, free, feminine, fulfilled, and in your element...finally!




In Her Element.

The Investment: $5000


Who is this mentorship for?

+ This is for the woman who's ready to see the truth: what her heart has been telling her. She's ready to learn how to finally trust her intuition over her intellect.

+ This is for the woman who wants to get back in tune with the Universe and to receive its support, instead of trying to do all the things, all on her own.

+ This is for the woman who's felt the pull to make a change, to heal the wounds, to feel passionate again. Her head (or her friends, family or society) may have tried talking her out of it before, but she knows that way isn't working for her anymore.

+ This is even for the woman who's been sitting at the computer, suffering through the relationship, or staying in the super low vibe town for the last 3 damn years and she's finally ready to (really) speak her truth, awaken her feminine magnetism so she can get what she wants in a way that feels good (and feels much easier), to get back in connection with her divine female body and her heart, and to get in motion -- vibrating at a higher frequency.


Who is this NOT for:

This is not for the woman who doesn't know what she wants, doesn't have the drive to find out what she wants, and wants someone else to provide all the answers.

+ This is not for those in a financial or mental crisis (if this is the case, please seek professional counseling as this isn't my area of expertise).

+ This is not for those willing to be lovingly challenged or guided.

+ This isn't for the woman that doesn't want to learn how to heal and transform by leveraging the power of the elements, the Universe or any other "woo-woo" practices.



Requirements for Success: Must have an open mind. Must be willing to dive deep into (and have compassion for) your shadows. And, most importantly, must have the desire and will to heal and let go.

So, shall we get to it, beautiful?!




Join me.

In Her Element - $5000

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