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It’s a system that combines the wisdom of the I Ching, the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the Hindu chakra system, and conventional Astrology, to help you break free from the ways you’ve been conditioned to be + show up in the world (that you know isn’t really aligned with your truth), and re-aligns you with exactly who you’re meant to be - the highest, most authentic expression of yourself.

Unbecoming Who You Are Not | The Zen Femme

It finally gives you answers to the questions you’ve had about yourself, that you’ve spent a lifetime searching for.

(And it saves you another lifetime of trial and error)

Human Design Mandala Chart | The Zen Femme

One of your purposes here is to know yourself more deeply, to know who you really are, and to feel who you really are so that you can express who you really are.

If you’re ready to do that, read on…


By getting a Human Design Reading + Chart Analysis you will:

  • Quickly reveal who you really are, who you came here to be, and your unique dharma or *life purpose*

  • Discover your unique strengths and gifts.

  • Learn your unique decision-making and money-making strategies.

  • Learn what kind of environment and people you’re naturally attuned to and create better relationships.

  • Learn your unique strategies for staying healthy and vibrant.

  • Discover the ways you’ve been conditioned, the reasons why you might be feeling 'stuck' in life areas like relationships, business, health, or wealth, and clearly see how you can do things in a more joyfully aligned way with your truth, and create what you really want in your life instead (by starting to live as yourself).

For your reading, we'll meet 1-on-1, on a Zoom call.

I'll pull and analyze your Human Design chart before the call and then give you a thorough chart analysis on our call together.

In your reading we'll go deep, beyond the basics + cut right to the chase. I'll give you suggestions for unbecoming who you've been conditioned/taught to be so you can move forward in alignment with your design, and become who you came here to be - the highest expression of yourself.

I realize that learning so much about yourself in one call is a lot to take in, so we’ll jump on another (1) follow up integration call two weeks after our Zoom call.

In addition to our calls, you’ll get a PDF download that breaks down the components of your chart into easily digestible nuggets that you can keep and reference back to over and over.


1-on-1 Reading


Not ready for a 1-on-1?

I can record a personalized Human Design chart reading, and send it right to your email. (Detailed PDF report also included :))

I LOVED the report, thank you! It’s so fascinating and you make it way more approachable and real. AND I kept laughing at all the notes and personal touches you put in there. It made it all that much more awesome. Thank you again! I’m gonna refer to those affirmations you gave as well and stick them in my planner.
Human Design | The Zen Femme
I had the pleasure of working with Korynn when I was at a place in my life where I felt very lost and needed guidance. She immediately made me feel safe, and I opened up easily with her. By giving me guidance and exercises tailored for my needs, I felt empowered. She really took the time to listen to me, which few people do. Thank you for seeing me, Korynn.
— Sarah T., Media Expert