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Do you fantasize about spending a few weeks under the covers in a room with blackout curtains, just so you can catch up on sleep because you never seem to feel rested?

Do dreams no longer come to inspire you at night?

Maybe you’ve been busy gettin’ things done. Or you’re in the middle of a life transition that’s equal parts exhausting and stress inducing.

Maybe, despite your visionary nature, your creativity is lacking because you feel stuck in the day-to-day minutiae and you’ve got tunnel vision from hours of screen time.

Or maybe you’re just overstimulated by #allthethings happening in the world right now. (Hello politics, I’m talking about you)

First, let me tell you this, beautiful: You are not alone.

Women now…are more exhausted than ever.

Women now, spend more time on their phones and less time in expanded dream states, than ever. And our dreams are a reflection of our lives (and our lives are a reflection of our dreams) so when we’re not dreaming…life…begins to lose it’s magic.

(More on that later)

Fun fact: women need more sleep than men do. But, like men, we’ve been slapping sleep deprivation on like a badge of honor, to show our dedication, our commitment, our who-knows-what…and it’s been taking its toll on our moods, our creativity, our health, and our sanity (and, quite frankly, all of that mess makes a girl [and guy!] look tired).

Despite our natural need for more sleep, women are also more prone to sleep deprivation because of our sensitivity to external stimulus.

Nevermind that women have been trained to operate on the male hormonal circadian cycle for centuries under patriarchy, while ignoring our own natural rhythms and times when we need to rest the most. All in the name of getting things done. (Thanks, Industrial Revolution!)

But the good news is we can transform this paradigm (and our lives) one nap at a time.

We can stop just getting things done and start getting the right things done.

We can start leveraging our dream time to create magic in our lives and in the world.

Wasn’t it Einstein who spent 8 years working tirelessly on the Theory of Relativity until the key to finally figuring it out came to him in a dream?

And, did you know that the idea for Google came from a dream?

The Zen Femme | What Will Your Dreams Tell You?

When you join the Zen Femme Collective, you’ll get monthly access to these rest rituals for better sleep, more dreams + less stress:

  • 3 LIVE or recorded, guided Yoga Nidra sleep-based meditation classes each month. These classes are designed to bring you deep rest, consciousness-expanding dreams, sacred sleep + empower you to rise up a well-rested woman who’s ready to get her creativity back and bring her mission to fruition.

  • A seasonal resource library of delicious recorded meditations, soulful journaling prompts, herbal recipes, and other rituals for more sound sleep, bringing your dreams back, and having less stress, better moods + energy, and healthier womens cycles. Add a dash of medical astrology (And we’ve got you all covered).

  • A supportive community space with other Zen Femmes. Because we’re all in this together. Zen Femmes are calmly fierce, nurturing, visionary women who are driven to make changes in the world (and I know you are too).

  • Group video chats where we’ll gather together with tea, hot cacao, (or your favorite cozy bevy), and talk all things sleep, our dreams, what they mean and how you can bring them to life.

  • BONUS: Free access to in-person Forest Bathing/Shinrin-Yoku events (print version of the Forest Bathing Journal included at each event).

  • BONUS: Exclusive member discounts on Zen Femme courses, protocols + care packages, and on all Wild Abundance Plant Medicine products.

Get access to ALL OF THIS for a full year…

for just $200

Become a member now and lock in this rate, before the membership fee goes up to $300 during the next launch.

Easily cancel membership at any time, but you'll enjoy the low price you signed up with for as long as you remain a member.

“For over three months I hadn’t had a full nights sleep, waking up with flashbacks and struggling to get back to sleep after. So I was constantly exhausted. Meditating and doing yin yoga before bed helped to a degree but I still didn’t sleep through the night.

After practicing Yoga Nidra with Korynn, I got a full 8 hours of sleep for the first time in nearly three months.

Despite my initial thoughts about not having time to practice, I am so glad that I do now because my sleep is a million times better, I dream more, I wake up more rested with more energy, and I feel less stressed out overall.

Exhausted? Sleep deprived?

You NEED this.

Let me tell you, if your sleep has been less than restful then you seriously can’t afford to not do this.

If you aren’t waking up well-rested and energized every day then get on this offer.

And please don’t try to use the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse because let’s get honest, can you afford to be as tired as you are?”
— Natalie W., Entrepreneur

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Your rest is fruitful. Together, we’re a force for good and are rebuilding forests all over the world. For each and every paid month of membership one tree is planted. One-for-One.


Save $100 when you get these sacred rest rituals for better sleep, more dreams + less stress now.



The Zen Femme Collective | Rituals for Rest | Yoga Nidra

Can’t wait to welcome you into The Zen Femme Collective.

Korynn xx

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